Cake training sponge cupcakes

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Sponge Cake Cake is very fragrant soft and pure cake.

No complicated ingredients, but in exchange for countless truth really delicious.
There are only four kinds of materials: eggs, flour, sugar, salad oil.


Egg (with shell 55g1)


Low powder


Fine sugar


Salad oil


Dried fruit

50g (can be omitted)

Sponge cup cake practice

◇ ready to separate the material, protein, egg yolk separated, dried fruit chopped low powder spare;

◇ protein graded plus 60g sugar, sent to neutral;

◇ egg yolk plus the remaining 20g sugar, sent to the thick uniform, the volume becomes lighter color; cold weather, warm water bath will make this step a little smooth.

◇ take part of the protein cream 2 and egg yolk paste 3 mixed, and then pour into the protein cream and mix well;

◇ low powder twice into the screen 4, each time evenly mixed;

◇ mix even after this, a little rough does not matter, no powder can be.

◇ take some of the above 5 into the salad oil bowl mix well, and then back into the 5 mix well;

◇ cake paste has been completed at this time, even delicate and shiny; stained with low-powder fruit in the last to join, stir a little 2, do not mix.

◇ into the paper cup, about 8-9 points full;

◇ 170 degrees, up and down the fire, the lower, 25 minutes.

◇ Liang Liang after packing, with a good choice of hand ceremony.

◇ fragrant soft shells. Cake training


I grilled Qi wind paper cups will be inattentive collapse and shrink.
Baked out for a while on the soft collapse of the feeling is not enough to sell phase.
Like the round bulge of the anger of the small cups Oh
Muffin cake with a baking powder and a lot of butter can not eat.
This small cake with sponge sponge practice.
Finished products are more type, and egg flavor is too full, suitable for my eggs.
Compared with Qi wind, more egg incense, taste more real, full of flexibility. Students with Henan Huaxing West Point school climb on the higher technical level, which is our platform for students to build the advantages of China Bakery West School to help you dream, so you have a good future! Cake training



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