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Chiffon Cake refreshing taste, delicate, soft and deep love of family, the original Chiffon Cake will often eat greasy, today for a change in the cake to do the spinach juice. Did not expect to make the cake with a touch of green color of the breath of spring,...

The main 5 egg flour 110g spinach juice 90g accessories corn oil 50g salt 1g 100g 3 drops of vanilla sugar
Spinach cake practice steps 11 spinach washed and cut into small pieces into the cooking machine, add a little water into spinach juice.
Spinach cake step 22 protein and egg yolk separation reserve.
Spinach cake step 33 into the egg yolk into the pot of 90 grams of spinach juice, add a fine of 40 grams of sugar, a drop of vanilla extract and a little salt to fight the uniform.
Spinach cake steps 44 pour corn oil.
The 55 step approach spinach cake sift in the flour and stir into batter backup.
Spinach cake steps 66 protein in the remaining three of the sugar into the hard foam.
Spinach cake step 77 take the 1/3 protein cream into the spinach egg yolk paste, with a knife cut evenly mixed.
Spinach cake practice step 88 put the spinach egg yolk paste into the rest of the protein basin.
The 99 step approach to mix spinach cake batter into the cake mold, and forced a few bubbles to eliminate shock. Place in preheated oven and bake for 60 minutes in the middle of the oven for 160 minutes. Take the cake out of the oven, and then put it in the cool, then release it.
1, spinach juice can not add water, if you do not add water to my home cooking machine can not work, so I put a small amount of water.
2, no vanilla essence can not put.
3, the performance of the oven are inconsistent, baking time and temperature according to the performance of their own oven adjustment



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