• Cardboard PET Pie Machine
Cardboard PET Pie Machine

Cardboard PET Pie Machine

Auto Cardboard PET Pie Machine adopts the latest Italian technology, stable performance, high efficiency, easy operation, can produce different size of the cardboard PET pie.

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  Automatic Cardboard PET Pie Machine is original design from ourselves.

We are the first designer in China,

we already manufacture Roll Rim Cup Machine about 8 years ago.we improve the machine from manual machine to

semi-automatic machine,from semi-automatic to automatic machine.

Advantage:  In our machine ,you donot need to feed paper by hand,our machine will do it is the most

 advanced design in China.

This machine is developed by focusing on Europe and America market , we have already applied for CE certification,

which can sell to Europe countries.

paper container with rim production project report:


Model automatic Cardboard PET Coated Pie Machine
Control system  PLC controller
Power 1.5KW
Speed About 8~13 pcs/min(depend on size)
 Paper Material can be use 150~300gsm paper
Voltage 220V
Machine size/Weight 800x1200x1700mm/350kg

Aluminum foil container vs paper container with rim

1.Paper can be printed on and customized easily

2.Paper is biodegradable

3.Paper moulds can be used in microwave ovens

4.Permits metal detectors to be used at the end of the production line

5.Paper has been proven to be safe for human health

6.Paper allows faster cooking,thus saving energy

7.Paper increases food sheif-life





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